Making announcements at the Austin Archives Bazaar in October 2014.I’m Jennifer and I’m an archivist with over a decade of experience processing collections of literary and personal papers including the Norman Mailer Papers, the David Mamet Papers and the Morris L. Ernst Papers, all at the Harry Ransom Center, and the Richard W. Pound Olympic Collection at the University of Texas Libraries. Currently, I’m working on the Austin City Limits archive project at KLRU-TV in Austin.

I am also the founding director of Town Talk Library (TTL), which houses the Austin Fanzine Project, the Austin Music Documentation Initiative, Correspondence Club, zine workshops, and other zine- and self-publishing-related projects. I also do a lot of work with the Archivists of Central Texas (ACT), a professional service organization which, in even years, hosts the Austin Archives Bazaar. Sometimes I make things or do art stuff.